Judoclub Tsukuri: more than just judo!

Why Judo Club Tsukuri?

Judo club Tsukuri aims at providing splendid leisure activities for as many sportsmen and sportswomen as possible. For young people as well as for adults there are plenty of opportunities to practice this beautiful sport. 

Besides regular training sessions and lessons, judokas can engage in extra training for matches and competitions. For the advanced judokas we also pay ample attention to Kata training and provide the opportunity to engage in Kata contests.

Tsukuri also gives plenty of thought to sociability. There is an energetic activities committee which regularly organizes youth camps and social events for junior and senior groups. Board, teachers and trainers give top priority to mutual feelings of fellowship and a good athmosphere within the club. 

Judoclub Tsukuri is connected to the Maastricht University. Students therefore can easily become a member of our club, after gaining a sports pass (click the link to apply for this pass). Not only do a lot of students attend our lessons, also judokas from other clubs regularly do so. Once in a while a visiting teacher fills in. Hence, lots of variation and always someone (different) to train with!

Judo club Tsukuri is affiliated with the Judo Bond Nederland (the Dutch Judo Association) and its teachers are fully qualified. Its judokas are trained from white belt up to 5th dan. Each judoka can practice the sport to his or her level. Teachers and trainers consider it of the utmost importance that all this happens in a joyful atmosphere of mutual respect and responsibility. 

Our dojo at 151 Statensingel is a real budo centre which welcomes every sportsman and sportswoman that has a warm interest in budo sports. 

Please drop in and have a trial lesson.

Judo club Tsukuri, you don't want to miss it!